Saturday, July 6, 2013

Free Handed Architectural Drawings

I uncovered a forgotten series of drawings yesterday as I was preparing for a client visit. These are not large drawings, approximately 12 x 18 inches, but they are made freehand, that is they are made with out the benefit of a straight edged tool as a guide. It is subtle but I enjoy the movement and irregularity that happens in these drawings. The unpredictable qualities of the human hand work against the regularity of the patterning, and against the whole concept of architectural drawing, which often involves precise and measured drawing. These drawings are not difficult to make, only time consuming, and are based on a process that starts with drawing the largest elements first and working your way down to the small details. And of course in a abstract way they refer to Chicago Architecture and buildings I see everyday on the street and out my window.


  1. Cool! You really have that kind of talent. Surely it takes a lot of effort and time to create such architectural drawing.

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