Sunday, July 14, 2013

Three Things I'm Excited About This Month

1) Theaster Gates at the MCA. Specifcally a video him performing with his band. It is on the third floor of the museum and it is mesmerizing. The band is great, they play and array of musical styles and compositions. Theaster sits in the middle of the band as they perform holding up what looks like a bound volumn of vintange Ebony magazines. He pages through this tome as the band plays extended and improvised versions of music, some familiar, some not. There is a version of 'Hey Joe', made famous by Jimmy Hendrix, that is amazing. Set aside a little time to engage this video. The show is up through October 6 and the Museum is free on Tuesday to all Illinois residents. 

2) Justin Hayford Bow Ties
And who should know more about bow ties than Justin Hayford (of Cabaret fame), he has been wearing them forever. He finally got tired of searching out ties that fit his specific tastes and like any good artist began making his own. He now has a blog and if you ask nicely he will not only sell you a few but give individual lessons on how to tie it properly.

3) Kathy Trumbull Firemente's art projects with Sunlight African Community Center
Kathy has volunteered at this Chicago Uptown community center for many years. She devises art projects for the kids to bring a little creativity into their afternoons at the Community Center. Her most recent project involved famous Chicago Buildings and I was astounded by the resultant images.

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