Sunday, July 28, 2013

A Problem of Orientation

Weird week work-wise. I'm a little bit in between projects, but it is important to me to keep working. I have a few strategies to move forward when I'm a little stalled, and one of those is to use materials I have on hand.  I went a little mad for acrylic paint markers last winter. In a binge of buying I accumulated at least 30 in various widths and colors. The colors were neutrals, white, gray, black, silver, with one hot pink and one fluorescent green. Well this week I dug them out of storage and dove in. Pictured are two piece I made this week using the white acrylic paint markers on archival gray mat board. My problem with orientation is that I cannot quite decide which way is up; they both look interesting both directions. That is not to say they convey the same meaning both orientations, something as basic as is one looking up or down at something are very different experiences. Is that the top of a building or the base? The two images on the bottom flipped from the original orientations.

Acrylic Paint on Archival Mat Board - 40 x 32 inches

Acrylic Paint on Archival Mat Board - 40 x 32 inches

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