Friday, July 30, 2010


One of my first forays into India ink was a series of basket drawings made in early 2007. I recently came across three remaining ones and think they make a nice series. You can see the connection to the later large boxes and to the most recent grids. They are modest in scale at 18 x 24 inches each.


There has been interest in some grid drawings I've been making recently. I sold a couple to Polo Ralph Lauren for their new Shanghai store. Very straight forward process pieces that require some concentration and a steady hand on my part. They are difficult to make out in digital photos. Be sure to click on the thumbnail to see the larger version. It shows what to me are the most interesting qualities of the drawings; the hand, and the variation in line weight.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Photo of Me

My friend Vicki Quade took this photo of me in Las Manos Gallery while my drawing show was on the walls. I don't usually like photos of my self but this one is not bad.

Box On Box

A couple of drawings from last winter. I was using recycled boxes from my groceries to practice my drawing and ended up enjoying the conceptual connection, and of course the idea of reuse.