Monday, October 24, 2016

New Drawing

I'm posting a photo of this brand new drawing in order that I will be able to look at it online over the next couple days. I have been wanting to make a somewhat more complex 'Girder and Panel' drawing for awhile now.  I had completed the pencil under-drawing last spring and stashed it away in a drawer. I had the ink out today and pushed through this drawing in addition to a smaller commissioned one. Now I will have quick access to this image on various online platforms to view and contemplate when I get the impulse. I like to think about my work in this way: Out of the studio, when I get the urge, wherever I happen to be. I am going to look at it on my phone right now!

Michael McGuire - Untitled - Acrylic Paint on Arches Watercolor Paper - 40''x26''

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Photographs of Grid Drawings

I recently sent photos of grid drawings to an out of town client that had inquired about them. Looking at the photos I was taken by there utter plainness, and yet how describe so much: the gallery floor, the measure to indicate scale, the toe of my shoe in a couple of them... I generally have a few of these studies on hand as I test brushes and try out various media, and I will often use unused portions of watercolor paper so I end up with some unusual sizes.


Sunday, October 9, 2016

2 New Indigo Studies

Two new indigo studies, both 40'' x 26''. The media on each is; Windsor Newton Indigo watercolor paint, acrylic paint, pencil on Arches cold press watercolor paper.