Sunday, November 28, 2010

Soskin Holiday Card

For the past four years I have made the Holiday card for my friends the Soskin family. I think of it as a series in which I make one image per year. The images are usually made on or around Thanksgiving Day and I collaborate with the Soskins on ideas for the shoot. Once the images are taken I put the final version together on my own. This years card came out well; it works as a Holiday card; as a document of the family; and conceptually has some interesting things occuring. The family signs the card in there own way and I like the idea of a further intervention into my work with their own hand.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

What's On My Wall

I use the wall in my livingroom as a place to comtemplate visual art. New work will get taped up on the painted concrete for me to ponder upon. Different light, different times of day, different states of mind, all give me a chance to look at my own work with a fresh view. I like to catch my self off guard looking at the work as if I wasn't the creator. Often I see something I hadn't anticipated during the process of making the piece.
I hope to post a photograph regularly, (once a week may be too often, if doesn't change that quickly), to show what is currently on my mind and what I have been producing recently.
Can you spot: my new telephone pole drawings, the Soskin Holiday card, Virginia Hurley life drawing on scratch board, an old city panorama, the devil left over from Halloween, test prints from the 'Houseing Project' series....?

Article in Chicago Home and Garden

The most recent inssue of 'Chicago Home and Garden' has a big article on designer Michael Del Piero and features an interior by her that includes a series of my 'Basket' drawings. Michael's work is very tonal and sophisticated; very much about texture and patina. I'm so happy to have my work incorporated into one of her spectacular spaces. Those drawings have never looked better.

Check out Michael's web site at:

Friday, November 19, 2010

The Stormy Weather Moves In

As much as we try to ignore it and pretend it won't happen Fall is creeping upon us. The weather at Lake Michigan has been dramatic and inspiring this season. These two photos are a few years old but the weather they depict occurs time and again in Chicago.