Tuesday, October 26, 2010

My Show at Scout

I finally have some photos from my opening at Scout at the beginning of the month. Thanks to Mieke Zuiderweg for taking these great photos when all the rest of us forgot to pull out our cameras. Mieke is the go-to person if you need an event covered. She always manages to find the beauty in a chaotic environment. And the opening did get quite rambunctious by the final hour. We had a great crowd and the music got louder by the hour. Thanks to everyone who showed up and made it such a festive evening.

All The City Panoramas On One Page

Telephone Pole Drawings

I'm working on a new series of drawings this month. I know the image of the telephone pole in silhouette is a bit of a cliche but I am intrigued by the chaos of these ubiquitous totems with the addition of cable and internet to our lives. We are so overwhelmed by information in all forms now, and the drawings, based on photos, and created by cross hatching with a technical pen, are one response to the overload.

Fall Is Here

Fall has arrived and to mark the occasion I'm posting a couple newish photographs. One was made last fall and the other a couple weeks ago. I'm facinated by the way vines crawl across building as if you can see the motion of their progress.