Saturday, December 26, 2015

Just Back From Puerto Rico

I have a new camera and shot quite a bit on my recent trip to Puerto Rico. Below are a few black and white photos, with flash, emphasizing the graphic nature of the security gates that most buildings sport in San Juan. Beautiful, and yet a clear sign of the state of the Puerto Rican economy. I felt as safe there as I do in Chicago, but the urban infrastructure has taken a beating, both from the environment (tropical), and the financial situation.

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Spot My Work In The New Cassina Showroom

 I recently sold a few drawings to Cassina for their new showroom in New York (Thank You Lydia!). Nice coverage at Here is the link.

No photo credits given online but the photos are great. Here are the two that feature my work.

New Collage

I've had these cut and inked pieces of mat board in the studio for a year now. This weekend I had a little time to finally glue them down to a large sheet of acid free 'Crescent' board. I made the compositon a month ago and them had to suddenly put it away for an event in the gallery. Fortunately, at that time I made a photo for reference and was able to piece it back together yesterday. Then spent yesterday and today trimming and gluing. I had forgotten the things I enjoy about work of this type: the overall graphic qualities, the unexpected juxtapositions, the staunchly abstract nature of the piece. The reference abound - visitors in the gallery today mentioned 'Hundertwasser' and 'Mondrian'. I think of a variety of fabric arts, and for some reason Corbusier. The photo shows the collage mounted on the untrimmed mat board, to be trimmed at a later time. Can be rotated to any orientation.

Michael McGuire - Untitled Collage - India Ink on Archival Mat Board - Collage Size 17.75"H x 49.5"W