Saturday, June 29, 2013

What's On My Wall - June 29, 2013

On my wall this week, in preparation for my Gay Pride Brunch on Sunday, is one new piece and one recently repaired piece. The cardboard piece is the repair. It was hanging on the walls of Las Manos Gallery when a sculpture fell into it, damaging a number of pieces both in the middle and at the bottom edge. I wasn't sure I could repair it, I worried it would be hard to get a stapler anywhere near the middle of the piece without having to open up the entire surface. But with a little persistence and a small stapler I was able to match and replace the damaged cardboard tiles. It looks good, and the face that emerges from the piece at certain distances in readily apparent. The second piece is an experimental watercolor directly derived from my 'Lake' watercolors (see previous blog entry). As I was making the 'Lake' paintings I was enjoying working on specific areas with specific brushes. In this case the brush I was using to create the skies made a mark that I thought was worth exploring a bit more. So essentially what I am doing is repeating that mark in a regular grid. At the same time I was mixing my own colors, working towards but not always achieving a gray. I also played with working the paint wet on wet and giving up some control.

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