Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Mood Swings

My current mood of despair is occasionally lifted by my art-making and the joy of creation. Actually art seems to be the only refuge this month. At least I have an outlet for what I'm feeling, as ineffective as it may be. I made a new monochromatic flag. Somewhat funereal, but it seems apt. I made an error on the topmost stripe, but I may leave it as is.
Michael McGuire - Monochromatic American Flag - Recycled Cardboard, India Ink on Arches Watercolor Paper - 26"x40"
And a client returned this color study piece based on a Rothko painting. He had purchased and framed two drawings form this series and found that two were a bit much for his space. I was happy to get it back. The framing he choose is good - white frame with good depth to it. The frame sets off and contains the color well.

Michael McGuire - Rothko Study 3 - Watercolor, Acrylic Paint, Arches Watercolor Paper

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