Thursday, September 22, 2016

Recent Commissions

It has been a week full of commissions. That is good new in terms of the rent, but sometimes bad news in terms of creative output. But not always, and this week turned out to be quite worthwhile.

A return to the indigo drawings that some refer to as 'Winter Lake' pieces. There was a happy accident and the top portion of the indigo watercolor and it came out quite wonderfully. Perhaps I can make that accident happen again?
Michael McGuire - Untitled Drawing - Watercolor and Acrylic Paint on Arches Paper - 40'' x 26''
The next three commissions all relate directly to drawings I have made in the past. The good new is that in the course of making each one many new ideas occurred to me. Perhaps I did not initially fully explore each of these concepts. And it is interesting to me that each of these could be seen as an interpretation of the architecture and urban scheme of Chicago.
Michael McGuire - Untitled Drawing - Acrylic Paint on Arches Paper - 40'' x 26''
Michael McGuire - Untitled Drawing (Triple Cross 2) - Acrylic Paint on Arches Paper - 40'' x 26''
Michael McGuire - Girder and Panel 18 - India Ink on Arches Paper - 40'' x 26''
This final commission is a throwback to my architectural school days. I was not entirely comfortable in the process, too tight, too much preparatory drawing. But there are some aspects of the results that evoke some of my favorite illustrators and graphic novelists. Not likely to repeat this on any time soon.
Michael McGuire - Empire State Building - Acrylic Paint on Arches Paper - 36'' x 24''

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