Tuesday, January 20, 2015

More Drawings

I have had many requests for images of my drawings from people outside of Chicago. That sort of inquiry requires me to photograph and label the work - not my favorite activity. Even the minimal photo correction I undertake is tedious and repetitive, and adding the text is annoying in Photoshop. But it is a nice record of my work, and I can easily post things on this blog. Below are a few new images, including photos of recent 'Basket' drawings. Note how the basket drawings are heavier than the earlier versions. That corresponds to the sift in media, from India Ink to Montana Acrylic Paint. The bottom Richter-like piece is actually a collage. I cut the original into strips and reassembled them in a slightly altered order. The drawing has been hanging around for a couple years, but this week I trimmed the edges and it looks like a whole new piece.

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