Saturday, January 10, 2015

Morning Sketch from Puerto Rico

I intend to post a few images of my sketchbook pages, but the severe weather and a little business have kept me from doing so. But I did find a few photos from one of my mornings sketch sessions, and have a corresponding drawing to go with it, so I will post those as a teaser.

I was rising early every morning in Puerto Rico. I would often be the only person around the guesthouse for a good hour before my traveling companions or other guests would appear. The continental breakfast was always available by 7am, but I did not even see the person that set it up, it just appeared. I would sit on the oceanside table and chairs, only 25 feet from my room, and over coffee and a sweet roll work in my sketchbook.
The results were not always without fault, but the practice was energizing.

Sketchbook Page - December 24, 2014

The oceanside chairs outside of Number Uno Guest House

Later, Michelle and Elena would join me. Early morning swims were mandatory. 

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