Sunday, March 10, 2013

On a Tangent This Week

I like working in a sketchbook, and I have been neglecting the discipline lately. This week, with winter holding on with yet another snow storm, making a few small scale drawings in my current sketchbook seemed like a good idea. I retrnn to the grid as a starting point, and the materials (pigmented pen, straight edge) were at hand. I apologize for the water damage at the top right hand corner of each page. But one night out and about, something wet leaked in my back pack and my sketch book got a shot of it. I was annoyed for a few minutes when I discovered the damage, my want of perfection foiled again. And I'm only a short way into the sketchbook, do I abandon it or work through it? The damaged pages will be a reminder of the folly of pursuing perfection. Who was it that said "Perfection is the enemy of good"? This first drawing is the result of 'doodling', not unlike my activities in high school math class. This next drawing I'm playing with scale and progression. I wanted this next one to be more organic, break the rectangle. I've been thinking about the structure of wings and boat keels, both reflected in this drawing. Back to a more rectangular format. Thinking of Asian screens, but it was beginning to look like a city plan to me. Pushing the city plan idea a bit further. Until we arrive here, something that looks very much like a city plan. A little bit Paris, a little bit Manhattan, all from my imagination and created without too much forethought. And the last two days I've worked on this. Somewhat labor intensive, and requiring more concentration than I can usually muster. It may not be finished. 18 x 24 inches, pigmented pen on bristol paper. I prefer to think of it as abstract but you can how I arrived where I did.

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