Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Last Telephone Pole Drawing?

I have plowed my way through nine drawings in the 'Telephone Pole' series. Pictured is the ninth, and for now, the last drawing in the series. The drawings became a little more complex as the series progressed as I searched for more, and then more, over-burdened telephone poles in and around the north-side of Chicago. I would take my bike and camera out on a warmish fall days and ride up and down the alleys of Lakeview and Uptown. Neighborhoods with dense housing stock and a population of internet and cable users made for good hunting grounds. The cross hatching did not get any easier as I moved through the nine drawings; The large, inky areas generally went quickly but I sitll had anxiety when faced with all those long, thin, telephone lines. One slip and....

No plans to show the drawings at this time. The still need to be trimmed and signed. It feels good to have a series finished and in the bag, now I need to determine just the right context in which to show them. You can see the rest of them in a couple earlier postings. Use the labels at the bottom to see posts by catagories, in this case click on telephone poles. They deserved to be framed and I'll have to save up some cash to make that happen. I see them in a three by three grid, in perhaps natural wood frames. No rush.


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