Thursday, December 9, 2010

Winter Has Arrived Early

The image is a panorama made off my balcony last weekend, during our first big snow. It's early December and we have already had two significant snowfalls and weeks of very cold weather. Winter is in full swing and we are all in a bit of shock with the sudden transition from the warm summer and prolonged fall. I'm hopeful that a cold December makes for a warmish January. That's what happened last year; frigid in December then the rest of the winter mild with an early spring.

I do love the winter view from my windows. The snow softens the city. As a word of explanation; the tall buildings on the left of the photo run along Lake Shore Drive, but there are no tall buildings directly in front my building. The roof tops at the bottom of the photo run along Hawthorne Place, as street full of many beautiful historic homes. You can usually see downtown Chicago off in the distance, but not on a snowy day. This image could become my default Holiday card.

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