Wednesday, May 8, 2019

New Drawings and an Invitation

This spring has been all about black and white drawings. I have a new black acrylic paint that is so dark and dense that it almost becomes optical when applied to white paper. Thus I have been revisiting some old genres of my drawings to reevaluate my intent. The majority of the drawings have been made on 12 x 16 inch Arches Cold Press Watercolor Paper.

I will be showing many of these new drawings at Sojourn in Sawyer Michigan over Memorial Day Weekend. See the invite below. Stop by if you are able.

A selection of some of the new drawings.

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  1. Is your work for sale anywhere. I stumbled across it at the Marina Grand Resort in New Buffalo and immediately fell in love with it! I am actually going to ask if any of it is for sale here 😁