Saturday, August 27, 2016

A New Series?

I have now made enough of these new drawings that they are nearly constitute a series.  I keep thinking I will determine exactly what I am after as I work on them. So far, not exactly. They are shown in the order of their making, (I sold one early one), and the last one is the most interesting to me now.

A few of the things I'm thinking about:
   Poured paint ala Helen Frankenthaler and Morris Louis.
   Continued color exploration, frequently looking at optical color.
   Density of color and tone, gradated in some cases.
   The contrast between the organic and the regular. 
   In a way these are deconstructions of some earlier drawings. Making processes more obvious.
   The tightening of the grid down to tone.
   They still look like architecture to me, or biological structures. 

Each of these drawings is on Arches 300 pound watercolor paper and are sized at 30" x 22.75". The materials are either watercolor or India ink on the background and acrylic paint pen.

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