Monday, May 18, 2015

Some Old Work That Relates To New Work

I had a request for an old drawing that I knew was stored away safely somewhere. As I was digging through my 'archives', really just cardboard boxes of old drawings, I came across these four vintage drawings that very much related to the drawings I'm currently working on. The materials are different, India ink versus acrylic paint pen, but the geometry is the same. Both series are an exploration of perspective drawing, and a specific type of perspective drawing called isometric projection. Weird alignments occur in this type of drawing, and yet there is a sense of the 3D in them. Below are the four drawing from 2006, a detail from that series, and then a drawing finished this past week.

Michael McGuire - 4 Untitled Drawings - 2006 - India Ink on Bristol Paper - 32 x 40 inches each
3DX#6 - India Ink, Acrylic Paint Pen, Arches Watercolor Paper - 26 x 40 inches

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