Sunday, May 24, 2015

Home Late, Thought I'd Blog

Just home from a Holiday weekend party, have a bit of a buzz on. Before turning in, I found a memory stick that contained photos of old work and images of ideas that I had not executed. I have not really looked at most of these things in years.

Thought I'd share them with you as I enjoyed them tonight, jumping from image to image, no real narrative or conceptual thread, except they were all concocted by the same person. And of course, Happy Memorial Day, thinking of all that serve and have served out country.

Digital File - 'The Fatigue  of Memory #4'
Digital File - 'The Fatigue or Memory #6'
Digital File - 'We Welcome Our Alien Overlords #2'
Digital File - 'Night Train, March 22, 2013'
Drawing - India Ink on Paper - 'Branches 17'
Digital Photograph - 'Magic Hedge Black and White 6'
Digital Photograph - 'Underpass Near Belmont Avenue, Chicago' 
Drawings - India Ink on Stonehenge Paper - 'Symmetrical Hosta Studies'
Crosshatch Drawing - 2009
Watercolor Drawing - Untitled
Digital File  
Crosshatch Drawing
Drawing - India Ink, Molowtow Acrylic Paint Pen, Arches Watercolor Paper
Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

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