Thursday, November 6, 2014

Two New Indigo Drawings

I continue to make drawings on Indigo backgrounds. I'm trying to take advantage of the last few temperate fall days we have in Chicago to dye a quantity of Arches watercolor paper. It is a messy process, I do it outside in our back courtyard, and I'm feeling productive if I get two sheets of paper colored to my satisfaction in one day. I like the series, I visit familiar motifs but the blue makes them feel fresh. At the same time I continue to look at the early Frank Stella paintings as a source of inquiry.

Untitled (Indigo Stella Study) - Watercolor, Acrylic Paint Pen, Arches - 40x26 inches
Untitled - Watercolor, Acrylic Paint Pen, Arches Watercolor Paper - 40x26 inches

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