Sunday, January 5, 2014

Recent Ink Drawings

This last fall during my show at Scout I met Kim and Kyle when they purchase a large unframed India Ink drawing of mine. Three months later both the drawing, and Kim and Kyle's home show up on 'Apartment Therapy' (, a fun blog for those that are serious about the interior of their homes.

Since that little bit of internet publicity there has been a lot of interest in that particular body of work. I consider this piece to be a drawing although it is created in an somewhat unusual manner. I use cardboard and foam-core dipped into India Ink to make the marks on the paper. It is a different way to make a mark that moves away a bit from 'the hand'. I like this type of work, it veers between flat, pattern-like surfaces to architectural drawing formats. The spills and splatters occur during the making and I consider them a bonus. Below a few examples.

Size Approximately 20 x 50"

Large Drawing on My Wall

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