Sunday, May 5, 2013

What's On My Wall - May 5, 2013

The same piece has graced my wall for the last few months - a cardboard construction held together with staples (see 'Whats On My Wall February 24, 2013'). It is so large and somewhat delicate that I have nowhere to store it, and taped to my wall is a relatively safe spot in my crowded apartment/studio. I finally got tired of looking at it so yesterday I flipped it around to expose the back side. I forgot how colorful it would be! But it is refreshing, and the clustering of color is intriguing. Also visible in the photograph; my new Ted Harris lamp from Scout, a recent panoramic photograph from my trip to Palm Springs, and at the foot of one of my retro 70's era speakers, is an old India ink drawing on a rough piece cardboard. Details below.

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