Saturday, December 8, 2012

Available Drawing #1

As I refer more and more people to my blog, I often have to clarify what is for sale and what is not for sale. So in an attempt to simplify things a bit I'm creating a new category on my blog. I'll call it 'Available Work'. As I post new pieces, mostly drawings, that are available for sale I will label them as such using the tag 'Available Work'. If a person specifically wants to look at my blog to see what could potentially be purchased, all they have to do is hit the label 'Available Work' and all such drawings should appear starting with the most current and proceeding backwards by date posted. In the text accompanying the blog posting I will attempt to include as much information about the piece that is possible at the time. The drawing below is my first attempt at this new category.
This drawing is titled 'The Numbers 1 Through 16 Cubed'. It looks like a building but the cubes, starting at the top, are a drawn depiction of the mathematical concept of cubing each number. For those of you who do not remember much of high school math, or is it geometry, the cube of a number is when you multiply it by itself. So for example 3 cubed is 3 x 3 which equals nine. 4 cubed is 16, and so on. The drawing is pencil on arches watercolor paper and the size is 28 x 40 inches.

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