Sunday, December 16, 2012

30 Buildings In 30 Days

"30 Buildings In 30 Days" was the original idea for this series of digital images when I began it last winter. I was toying with an old photograph of mine from my series of Chicago housing projects which were very flat and patterned. I have acknowleged the connection between the toy building blocks I had as a child and some of the things I am doing in collage, both digitally and in paper. With 'Photoshop' as a tool it is easy to make digital building blocks, and your imagination can take off from there. All of these images are improvised off the one photo, and most elements reoccur in multiple locations. I like these resulting images, they read as buildings, admittedly fantastic and a little brutal, but still rooted in photographic reality. I tried to work quickly, not over-think, and avoid and impulse to be too critical. Hence the choppy nature of the buildings and most obviously the sky. I never made it to 30 buildings, but here are nine interesting examples, and I'll hold on to the title as an homage to my first impulse.

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