Sunday, July 15, 2012

Saturday July 14, 2012

Up early, coffee with Melissa. Home to work on a few watercolors and listen to NPR. Took train up to Wilmette late afternoon. A bit of a journey; Cub's game letting out as I got on the train at Addison. The train moved slowly, they seem to be working on the tracks north of the Sheridan stop on weekends. I had to wait ten minutes at Howard as I transferred from the Red line to the Purple. And then as I'm approaching my stop, Laura texts me to say she is at the beach with her friend Kathy and can I walk there from the train. Thirty minutes later I arrive at the beach. We all go for a long swim, the water is very warm for Lake Michigan. There are tents set up down the beach for a wedding and we swim down to take a look. Later, after a cocktail and a few nibbles we get into our groove. Other than the two girls having to manage their phones it is the perfect summer afternoon at the beach. Later dinner at Laura's home. Dave cooks chicken on the grill and we plow through a dozen ears of corn. Long train ride home but I keep myself busy crosshatching in my sketchbook.

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