Sunday, July 1, 2012

At the Beach - Late June

Summer is barely ten day old and I feel like it is August already. The weather has been extraordinarily warm for days at a time. I have run my air conditioner more this June than I did all of last summer. And yesterday at the beach in Wilmette the water was as warm as I can ever recall, which in Lake Michigan makes it about 75 degrees. It was gorgeous at the beach yesterday; many people out and about, great light and a nice lake breeze. I was with my friend Laura who insists on doing a little exercise while at the beach so on top of a long swim we walked the beach south to north and back again. We came across these kids as we walked north along the waters edge and I was struck by the varied nature of their construction, and the texture of sand looked beautiful. The theme of people at the waters edge still holds much attraction for me. And the 'meaning' the structure they have created is charmingly ambiguous.

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