Saturday, May 19, 2012

2 Small Collages

India ink on recycled cereal boxes. Images size 7 x 10 inches. Paper size 11 x 20. I'm enjoying working with these recycled cereal boxes. The material is inexpensive (free), the surface takes the ink in an unexpected and slightly uncontroled way, and the colors are warm neutrals with a surprising range of tones to them. I started by saving only the boxes of cereal I had consumed, but the material was accumulating too slowly, and I do not need one more reason to eat more 'Cocoa Krispies', the best cereal ever invented. I now daily peruse the service areas of my mid-rise building where the recycle bins are located. There is one on every floor, there are seventeen floors, and I take advantage of the climb to get in a little exercise. But there is something I really like about the material. It very much reminds me of the dry cleaning cardboard that came out of my fathers laundered dress shirts. It was a cherished commodity in my home for arts and crafts. white with rounded corners, eight by ten in dimension, it was infrequently available and did not remain unused for very long.

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