Tuesday, January 10, 2012

I've been home with a cold all week....

...Not a debilitating cold, but annoying and persistent, it went on for over a week. I would feel good one day and lousy the next. I feel guilty, (about so many things), but mostly about wasting time. As an antidote, I worked on a new collage for four days, thank goodness I had the materials on hand as I was not up for heading out to the art supply store. Day one; I loosely brushed India Ink on some archival grey mat board. Day two; I cut the inked mat board into free-form strips and glued those strips onto a full sheet of grey mat board. Day three; I cut that board into precise two inch strips using a metal rule.. And day four, I rearranged and glue those strips onto the third and final sheet of grey mat board. The final collage is 40 x 32 inches. I see it as referencing digital media and there is also a nice visual playfulness about it.

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