Saturday, December 31, 2011

Two Quilt-like Collages

I found a roll of old, dusty, damaged drawings as I was cleaning the other day. I hid them away a year ago not quite knowing what to do with them at the time. Most were damaged or not entirely successful for one reason or another. I did rescue a few from the roll, flattened them and put them safely away, but the rest I have been cutting up and collaging into new pieces. I trimmed the interesting portions of the drawings into three inch triangles and proceeded arrange them in to patterns that remind me of a quilt I owned years ago. The colorful collage came first and the monochromatic was the second. I conceived them as a diptych but now that they are finished I'm less sure. Each panel; 32 x 40 inches, mixed media (including watercolor, india ink, acrylic paint, various papers...)

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