Sunday, May 15, 2011

Extra Large Drawing

I've been working on a huge drawing. I had a larger roll of good watercolor paper that I been saving for just the right project and after a bit of work 'counter rolling' it, I decided to jump in and make the largest drawing I've ever attempted. The media is India Ink and I'm using foam-core and cardboard to make the marks. Dipping the ends of the two materials into the ink and them pressing them onto the paper makes for some interesting impressions and by extension some interesting drawings. The work goes relatively quickly, given the size, but I can only work on a small portion of it at a time given my workspace, and then any section has to fully dry before I can move on to the next area. So these drawings develop over days and are difficult to view fully from any distance. The drawings can be interpreted in any numbers of ways, but of course I think of towers and the Tower of Babalon in particular. The hubris implied in the story of the Tower of Babylon is evident in a drawing that is too unweildiy to view in my studio, to large to hang in the gallery, and impossible to frame. A few photos of the process and the drawing so far.

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