Thursday, January 16, 2020

One Large Piece and Many Smalls

I have taken advantage of the warm winter weather, using my bike for transportation much of January. It looks like bike riding weather is over for now, I will not ride if the temperature is below 32 or the streets icy. I do think of winter as a good time to get work done and I have been in the studio regularly this month. I just finished a very large grid like piece. This genre of drawing usually fall into the category of my 'brutalist' pieces but at this scale it takes on more of a textile feel, something that is point-on in terms of my inspiration. Large, on canvas, I plan to have my framer stretch it for me and perhaps put it in a simple wood frame.

In preparation for this piece I made smaller pieces of this type. You can often see a face in this work and for a few of them I pushed that suggestion to an obvious state. There is something fun about these, they evoke wrestling masks, Olmec oversize stone heads, and robots too. Thinking about make one of these very large.

A few additional, more abstract drawings. 

I have had the rubber stamps out too. I found a few florescent colors in the printing ink I have been using for these pieces and thought I would experiment. 

Finally I have a client that wanted photos of a few older pieces. Including them here. Keep warm. 

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