Friday, September 25, 2015

Three Days in Michigan

I was able to get out of Chicago for a few days earlier this week. My friends Kathy, Jeff, his dog Toby, and I all drove over to southeastern shore of Lake Michigan for a little R and R, and a little work. In fact we worked diligently - both at the cottage in Hagar Shores and at the beach each afternoon. I brought along some penciled in grids and spent some time coloring in the triangles as a color study.
There was some charcoal on the sand left over from beach fires. I found it interesting from both a sculptural perspective, and eventually we used it as a material for drawing. Kathy and I had fun making this grid while exploring the various charcoal marks.

Charcoal Study
Watercolor based upon my visit to Michigan.

 A sketchbook page from the ride up to Michigan. Toby and I in the back seat.
Jeff's painting from the beach on Monday.
Jeffrey Janson - Untitled - Oil on Panel - approx 10"h x 8"w
Kathy's color study from the beach on Wednesday.
Kathryn Trumbull Fimreite - Untitled Color Study - Paint Marker, on Board

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