Thursday, March 6, 2014

India Ink on Cardboard - Recent Developments

I had a call from Larry Vodak as Scout this morning insisting I stop by the store ASAP. Pleasantly surprised as I walked in his front door to see an older, difficult-to-frame drawing of mine in a very nice frame. The drawing is a map of Chicago, India ink on a found piece of cardboard - folds, dents, staple and all.
Map Of Chiago - India Ink on Found Cardboard - 52 x 70 inches app. 

In the studio I continue to enjoy cardboard as a drawing surface, it is plentiful and I like the idea of it having a second life. The colors are good too. And when I come across a pristine piece of cardboard I immediately go to work. Here is a recent piece inspired when Leif from Wall to Wall Framing gave me some of his old glass boxes and I found this lovely piece inside.
Untitled - India Ink on Cardboard - 40 x 60 inches
And here is an older piece, in this case the cardboard is from old cereal boxes, and you can see the color varies from different packages.
Untitled - Recycled Cardboard, India Ink -   21 x 44 inches
Scout -
Wall to Wall Framing -

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