Tuesday, February 11, 2014

February and March Developments

I have negotiated with Michelle, the owner of Las Manos Gallery, to occupy and use the gallery as my studio for the next couple of months. This is a win-win situation for us each as she is very busy with an upcoming show at Longview Gallery in Washington DC (http://www.longviewgallerydc.com/artists.php?id=146) and I am in need of more space in which to make drawings. I began what I am characterizing as a 'winter drawing project' last Tuesday but spent most of the week dealing with the weather and working out a few physical problems in the gallery. I hung a few things on one wall and made it my own in a small way. I hope to still have a variety of Las Manos artists on the other wall and insist that Michelle keep some of her work in the gallery at all times.
View of West Wall of Gallery/Studio Space
Making that first piece in the new space was a bit of hump I had to get myself over.  The challenge of having materials in two places will be worked out over time, but my strategy is to begin with a modest and straightforward project. So drawing on mat board with acrylic paint pens seems like a good place to start. Pictured is my first drawing in the new space.
Untitled - Acrylic Paint Pen on Archival Mat Board - 32 x 40 inches
I hope to do an event in the space once I get things going here, and plan to post more often and regularly.

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