Sunday, September 16, 2012

October Show At Scout

For my upcoming show at Scout on October 5th I have made a series of 'Constructed Drawings', which by the time I done will number forty or more. Lately, when I begin an idea, I work through it in a series, staying within a format and using like materials. This series began with recycled cereal boxes and an idea I had regarding some fabric I had seen at the Art Institute. The latest constructions, working from the same format and materials, have become much more structured - even architectural - as you can see in the image posted. My aesthetic has always overlapped with Larry's from 'Scout', and the notion of creating a series specifically for him and his amazing shop makes sense. I'm very excited to be able to present these at Scout beginning Friday night, October 5, 2012, which will be the kick-off for Andersonville Arts Weekend.
Overall dimensions 18x 24 inches. India ink on recycled cardboard mounted on Bristol paper.

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