Sunday, February 19, 2012

Color Photography Show At Las Manos Gallery

I have three pieces in the new show at Las Manos Gallery in Chicago. The theme of the show is contemporary color photography and includes eight distinct photographers, many of whom teach in the Illinois State University system. Some very strong and smart work. Pictured in the e-vite above is a small collage of mine made using an old photograph I took in Cabrini Green a few years ago. There is a large version in the show too. The show will run at least until the end of the month.

My Statement From the Show

The introduction of new technologies invariably presents new opportunities for the artist. In our culture at this time, many artists immediately jump into the artistic vacuum created by each step forward along our digital evolution. I understand the impulse; the newness alone is seductive and exciting. But it strikes me that this progression is accelerating - I’m certainly having trouble keeping up. So my reaction to the quickening pace of change is to touch base with some early art-making impulses: the hand made and the one of a kind. These collages, still very much influenced by digital culture, show my love of order and pattern, and attest to my preoccupation with architecture and the built urban environment.

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