Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Gay Pride Panorama

The Gay Pride Parade took place in Chicago on Sunday June 26th. I live in the neighborhood that it meanders through and for the last nine years I have hosted a brunch before all the the start of the parade. The idea is to get a little food into people and a little sunscreen applied before we head out onto the street and cheer on our people. During the parade, if someone needs a bathroom, or a refresher on their cocktail, my condo is a half block away. When the parade is over, or as was the case this year, at the three hour mark and we couldn't take any more, we head back to my place to regroup. Some people eat, one person took a short nap, and mostly we sit on my balcony and relax. Then the hearty few that remain head out into the chaos of the post-parade street. We head to what we call 'ground zero', the corner of Halsted and Roscoe streets and take in the scene. Every year I try to make a panoramic photo of the landscape, but by this point in the day I've had one too many drinks and I can never quite make it fall together cohesively. This year was no exception. Valiant try but not quite there. You can see a few of my friends, Greg and Mike Anderson, and their niece Phyllis slightly to the left of center under the Roscoe Street sign.

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