Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Melissa's Birthday Photo

My friend Melissa had a big birthday last year, I won't say which one, and I made a panoramic photograph to commemorate the occasion. I gave her a print of the image and she immediately had a unique idea on how to frame the photo. It was not an approach that had ever occurred to me, leave it to a non-artist to come up with something unusual. The framing presented some issues to my framer, Leif at 'Wall to Wall' Framing in Chicago. But he loves a challenge and after some time problem-solving, came up with a beautiful finished product. We installed the piece last weekend, made a party out of it, and I'm posting both the original photo and the finished product as it hangs on Melissa's wall. It gives me an idea for a future installation!


  1. Outstanding design and brilliant execution, plus beautiful memories of a new decade with our dear friend Melissa. Thank you and love.

    lisa and Sam

  2. non-artist...I think that would be the new goal- to do something that an 'artist' could never imagine....