Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Dog Beach Photo

Someone asked me about my 'Dog Beach' photo and I pointed them to this blog. They could not find it. I would have sworn I posted it months ago, it's an older image, but I don't see it on here either. Anyway, here it is, possibly for the second time. The dog beach is in Chicago along the Lake Michigan lakefront between Montrose Avenue Beach and Foster Avenue Beach. It is very large and during the warmer months full of all types of dogs. This photo captures something of the crazy energy that happens there. I photoshopped my friend, (and Gallery owner), Michelle' dogs in years ago. She had to put one of them down this month, and he will be missed. His name was Scooter and in this photo I referred to him as 'the critic'. Take a guess at which dog I am referring to.

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