Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Drawings at Las Manos Gallery

The show at Las Manos Gallery is going well. I put up quite a few drawings, most newish, but a few from years back, and packed the wall full. It was easy to lay out on the floor of the gallery but getting it up on the wall was a challenge, I had no reference point to work off of. I made a quick panoramic photograph the day we hung the show for a pricing guide. I thought I'd be able to better document the installation as the month went on, but of course we've sold some at the opening reception and people just had to take them with them. So this is the only photograph of the original installation. It's rough and parts of it are out of focus. But it does give you a sense of the array of work. Be sure to stop by Las Manos if you get a chance, the show is up through the end of June. Or check out the website, (lasmanosgallery.com).

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