Friday, March 14, 2014

Upcoming Event - March 28, 2014

I am planning an event for  Friday March 28th at Las Manos Gallery. On that day I will have been using the gallery as a studio for six weeks - it is time to see if that exercise has been fruitful.

'Paper Thin'
March 28, 2014
From 7 to 10pm

Las Manos Gallery
1515 W. Foster Ave.
773 728-8910

Untitled (Spillway3) - Acrylic Paint on Acid Free Mat Board - 31 x 40 inches

I have been making a series of drawings based on the physical and conceptual qualities of blue prints, moving them in a minimal, process driven direction. They still evoke the 3 dimensional world, but speak of the process of drawing and the specifics of the materials. These drawings are very difficult to depict on the computer screen due to Moire Pattern interference so stop by to see them in person if you get a chance. 

I will be piggy-backing with the Chuck Meyers ( painting show at Scout ( that takes place on the same night. They will open their reception an hour earlier at 6pm, and I will stay open later hoping to catch the crowd once Larry closes the doors at nine sharp. Chucks new paintings look beautiful and it will be an spectacular show. 

In addition, Derek Ottens and Christopher Ilth will be using the former 'She Art' space on the west side of Las Manos for a pop-up gallery that weekend, and they promise to fill it with their newest furniture assemblages and Chris's amazing collages Friday night. And I am hoping to install a piece in 'Wooly Mammoth' on the east side of Las Manos. (

Thursday, March 6, 2014

India Ink on Cardboard - Recent Developments

I had a call from Larry Vodak as Scout this morning insisting I stop by the store ASAP. Pleasantly surprised as I walked in his front door to see an older, difficult-to-frame drawing of mine in a very nice frame. The drawing is a map of Chicago, India ink on a found piece of cardboard - folds, dents, staple and all.
Map Of Chiago - India Ink on Found Cardboard - 52 x 70 inches app. 

In the studio I continue to enjoy cardboard as a drawing surface, it is plentiful and I like the idea of it having a second life. The colors are good too. And when I come across a pristine piece of cardboard I immediately go to work. Here is a recent piece inspired when Leif from Wall to Wall Framing gave me some of his old glass boxes and I found this lovely piece inside.
Untitled - India Ink on Cardboard - 40 x 60 inches
And here is an older piece, in this case the cardboard is from old cereal boxes, and you can see the color varies from different packages.
Untitled - Recycled Cardboard, India Ink -   21 x 44 inches
Scout -
Wall to Wall Framing -