Sunday, May 30, 2010

Small Studies

I found a box of miscellanious pieces from an earlier project and spent part of this week assembling them into small studies. Abstract; don't know what they mean, created more instinctually than intellectually. All are India Ink on toned, archival, mat board, with overall dimensions of 8 x 10 inches. Fifteen in total.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Straw That May Have Broke The Camels Back

My most recent drawing in the branches series. I was not only abitious to begin with, but then halfway through, I pulled out my technical pen to work out a few problem areas. Suddenly I was in obsessive detail hell and it took me four days to get out of it. This was not what I intended when I began this series and it is not a way of working that I particularly enjoy. Thank goodness there was a 'Law and Order' marathon on cable. The drawing turned out well but the process was not what I am after. I may have one more drawing of this type in me, sans technical pen. There is one other image I want to explore but then I will move on to last minute things for my upcoming show.

An Older Train Photograph

Just a reminder that I do take photos. The photograph here is a few years old but has been a popular one over time. I limit the editions of my photos to 25 and I believe this particular image is at number 19. This series came out of my first foray into digital photography and in a sense I created faux, idealized, panoramas of Chicago. This is a prime example. All of these structures do exist but not in the manner depicted. And now with the passage of time a number of other buildings have sprung up around the one depicted. There is a large five piece installation of this piece in the Gage Restaurant on Michigan Avenue in Chicago and it's impressive.

June Show at Las Manos Gallery

This week I've been finishing drawings and making framing decisions for my up coming show at Las Manos Gallery. I will be showing with Michelle Peterson/Albandoz and Paul Clark. Each of our bodies of work, while in differnt media and about different things have a really nice connetion. It should be a really good show. If you don't know the gallery you must check out it's website ( or stop in if you are in Chicago. Las Manos is located in Chicago's Andersonville neighborhood on the north side of the city and it's quite little design and art destination. The address is 5220 N. Clark St. (Clark and Foster) and although the hours are limited you can always call for an appointment. I'm posting the postcard images and feel free to contact the gallery with any questions.