Wednesday, December 30, 2009

New Drawing

This drawing was just finished yesterday. I cut apart some old india ink drawings and reassembled them. Interesting way of working; it still involves a brush mark, but the assembly process allows for some new and unexpected things to happen.

New Photograph

I'm not sure exactly what I'm thinking here but as I was working on some new panoramas at the Magic Hedge this fall I came up with this. I was initially thinking of showing them in black and white, which is a big shift for me. I couldn't quite justify that in my mind. I often look at my photos in different modes in Photoshop and as I was looking at this one as a negative I liked how it appeared to be a winter landscape. I use a portion of this panorama as my Holiday card this year.

Tribute to Haley

My favorite dog in the whole world passed away just before the Holidays. Haley was the most beloved pet of good friends of mine and I would sometimes dog sit for her. She sat for her portrait last fall as she waited for her family to return from a trip.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009